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Aztekium Bot

Smart multilanguage online chat-bot
Program with which you can talk like with a man. It helps in search, science and entertainment.

A list of some features of Aztekium Bot
Here we can find and execute a functions that an Internet bot Aztekium performs.

Science and Education

Math education for children - Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Multiplication Tables

Multiplication Table
Best way to learn. For teachers and students.

Master of Multiplication Table
36 questions in 1 minute - you can do it, to be the best !

Percentages Calculator
Calculating percentages online

singular to plural noun converter
You can convert any word in your language from singular to plurar and from plural to singular.

Learning foreign languages for free
Program to learn any foreign language, the program operates on the principle of the test.

Free dictionary of foreing languages
Dictionary allows you to translate words into different languages.

Comparing words in different languages
The program searches for all the languages in which the word occurs and compares its translations, synonyms, etc.

Rhyme search
Search rhymes or words of similar completion in many languages.

Synonym Finder
The program searches for synonyms in several foreign languages.

1000 most popular words.
Science of thousand most common words used in certain language. A languages of choice are English, German, Polish, Russian and others.

Detection of foreign languages.
Program detects in which language the text has been written.


Declination in polish
Variety by cases in polish language online

Declination in russian
Variety by cases in russian language online

Declination in czech
Variety by cases in czech language online

Declination in slovak
Variety by cases in slovak language online

Declination in croatian
Variety by cases in croatian language online

Declination in slovenian
Variety by cases in slovenian language online

Declination in serbian
Variety by cases in serbian language online

Declination in latvian
Variety by cases in latvian language online

Declination in finnish
Variety by cases in finnish language online

Declination in arabian
Variety by cases in arabic language online

Declination in germany
Variety by cases in german language online

Declination in lower sorbian (Lausitz)
Variety by cases in lower sorbian language online

Declination in upper sorbian (Lausitz)
Variety by cases in upper sorbian language online


Price comparison
Search for the low prices of goods (price comparison)

Company search engine
Search engine of companies and institutions

Jobs search engine
Job search in Poland

Search jobs in USA
Search for work in the United States

Adding a site to the directory
Add your site to free web directory (free web directory)

Add your own language online store
Adding the store to a goods search (add your store to search the shops for free!)

Add your company
Adding photos to your search engine companies (add your company to search engine of companies free of charge!)

Address search engine
Address search

Searching schools and kindergartens
Search for schools and kindergartens


language online Unit Converter
Program converts all kinds of measurement units, weight, volume, and more.

The converter of number systems language online
Converts numbers from different number systems, binary, decimal, on twenty and others.

Currency Converter (exchange of foreign currencies)
Program for converting a foreign currency exchange rates.

Polish language

Infinitive varieties in Polish language
Varieties of infinitives by person, number and time

Name day search engine
Simple search of name day

Diminutive and thickening of nouns
Program transforms a nouns of Polish language as thicked or diminutive


YouTubers Ranking
Ranking of youtube subscriptions from around the world.

AdTaily Ranking
Search tools for AdTaily services (Poland)

Search engines

Downloading programs
Program serves for an immediate download of the most popular programs, without advertising and hindrance

Search files (currently not updated)
Search files on FTP and HTTP

Search postcards and photos
Search postcards and old photographs

Search news and events
Searches for news and events from Poland

Search zip codes in Poland
Search for zip codes in Poland

Plants search engine
Searches for plants by its Latin and Polish name

Text search engine
Searches for all kinds of texts


The entertainment center
Search jokes, anecdotes and epigrams

Webmaster tool for the treatment and processing of text,

Texter 2
Another version of webmaster tools for word processing

Addressing an envelope language online
Program allows you to instantly print the address on the envelope via the website.

Trace letters and parcels language online
Search foreign sites allowing to track a shipments in the country

Primes search engine
Simple search engine to check whether a number is prime.

Cooking and Health

Calculating calories of dishes and products
The program allows you to calculate how many calories are contained in a prepared set of products.

Disease search based on symptoms and signs
The program searches the disease based on symptoms defined by us.