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Free educational websites

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Are you able to kill a chicken?

Are you capable of killing a rooster for a broth?

Sunday chicken broth with a family is something we can call a tradition.
Furthermore, it is a basic dish on nearly all wedding receptions.

Today we are going to check if normal people are able to kill a chicken in order to prepare their favorite dish.

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Pdf to Word converter

The Portable Document Format

PDF (The Portable Document Format) is a file format developed in the 1990s to present documents, including text formatting and images, in a manner independent of application hardware, software, and operating systems. Based on PostScript language, each PDF file encapsulates a complete description of a flat, fixed-layout document, including the text, fonts, vector graphics, raster images and other information needed to display it. PDF was standardized as an open format, ISO 32000, in 2008, and does not require any royalties for its implementation.

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Educational programs just for you

Free educational websitiesOur service was created in order to help you with your education. Especially with mathematics and foreign languages. We know how hard it can be. This is why we decided to provide you with an interesting set of educational programs. Thanks to this you will be able to learn both foreign Languages and mathematics. What else do you really need? If you want to learn, then visit the site You are going to find here a list of educational programs which you can use. These are:

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Unit converter

Unit converter - a practical tool for you

Common unit converters

First of all it is important to describe, what are the most important type of measurement units. Length, mass, volume, area, temperature, pressure, energy, power, speed and other popular measurement unit converters. As you can see there are a lot of units of measurement. Sometimes it might be hard to convert for example yards to meters or inches to centimeters. There are obviously many other examples. In our opinion one of the worst cases is pounds to kilograms. It is really hard to convert both units in a fast way.

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Multiplication Tables Online

Your life is going to be much easier, if you just remember the multiplication table.
Thus...train your memory! We are going to show you a few handy and practical techniques, thanks to which multiplication of numbers is going be pleasant.

To be honest, the proper education is starting with the adventure with multiplication table. Arithmetic calculations based on  factor and product, are problematic for many children. However, after they are able to understand specific schemes, the whole mathematic is opened for them. In other words it is a window on the world, so to speak thanks to which each now step in education, is easer - especially in the context of general science.

The best way to start the education is to show the simple example of an apple. Three people got four apples. How much apples it was in total?

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Magic of synonyms

What is a synonym? Well, to put it into simple terms, synonym is a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another in the language, as happy or joyful. This is quite obvious. They are widely utilized in various forms of writing due to the fact that thanks to synonyms, the writer is able to avoid repeating words. Which is quite crucial in writing due to the fact that the same thing appearing over and over again, takes any pleasure from reading such text.

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Percentage calculator

How to understand percentages?

At the first sight, you might think that calculating percentages of numbers is a hard task. Very often people ask about:

How to learn about percentages?
How to count percentages?
How to deal percentages?
How to understand percentages?
How to calculate percentages?

In this short article we are going to try to allow everyone who read it, to understand basic rule connected with calculating percentages.

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Declensions in other languages

The nightmare of all Englishmen learning foreign languages - grammatical cases

The main problem for people from England or United States in learning such languages like Polish, Czech or German are grammatical cases. Polish cases are used to determine a noun's place in the sentence. In German, this affects articles, and some possessive pronouns, but in Polish it actually changes a noun's suffix. This is why the Polish language is actually considered as one of the hardest to learn. Especially for native, English speakers. Just look at this, here are the basics of the cases:

Nominative: Subject of the sentence, does not affect the noun.
Accusative: Direct object of the sentence.
Dative: Indirect object of the sentence.
Genitive: Used to demonstrate possession, and used during negation.
Instrumental: Shows that the object is acted upon "with" or "by means of" this.
Locative: Shows direction.
Vocative: Used when directly addressing someone.

The problem is that in English language such cases do not exist. Hence, people who are native English speakers have huge problem with Polish and German language. This is why we decided to create the site It is an easy guide for any person who wishes to learn languages which have grammatical cases.

The site is easy to use and intuitive. Thus you can immediately jump to learning the grammatical cases in various languages. To provide you with a short tutorial though. The first thing you have to do is to choose the language (one from all Slavic languages which use grammatical cases)  and then type the word. For example "house". Then you will be provided with all grammatical cases for a target word. In German that will be:

- nominativ (das/die): der Dom
- genitiv (des/der): des Domes
- dativ (dem/den): dem Dom
- akkusativ (das/die): den Dom

Seems hard, don't you think? Still we think that you can handle this.


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Learn foreign languages

Learn foreign languages is important

In the modern, worldwide society, knowledge of foreign languages is crucial if you want to gain a better job or position in society. Besides it is actually helpful during visits in other countries as a tourist. It would be much easier to communicate with citizens of China if we would know they language. Isn't it right?

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Kierunki medyczne - czy to są elitarne kierunki?

Rekrutacja na studia jest momentem dość stresującym w życiu każdego maturzysty, w szczególności wtedy, kiedy wiadomym jest, że egzamin nie poszedł po naszej myśli i nie będzie się posiadało wystarczającej ilości punktów. Abiturienci w oczekiwaniu na wyniki maturalne wertują strony poszczególnych uczelni i gdybają „jak fajnie byłoby się tutaj dostać”. Wiadomym jest, że każdemu zależy na dostaniu się na wymarzony kierunek i realizowaniu się w danej dziedzinie. 

W tej dziedzinie, do której ciągnie serce. Jeśli razem z tym może iść korzyść pieniężna, radość będzie podwójna. Uczelniane progi na każdej uczelni w Polsce są inne- dlatego tworzy się ogólnopolskie listy rekrutacyjne- najpopularniejsze są wciąż dla kierunków prestiżowych, tj. medycyna i weterynaria, jednak w innych dziedzinach progi są równie wysokie i może to dotyczyć kierunków np. inżynierskich. Często zdarza się, że aby studiować poszczególny, upragniony kierunek należy wyprowadzić się daleko od domu rodzinnego, np. osoba ze Szczecina studiuje na rzeszowskim Uniwersytecie Medycznym i odwrotnie.

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