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Science and Education

Math education for children - Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Multiplication Tables

Multiplication Table
Best way to learn. For teachers and students.

Master of Multiplication Table
36 questions in 1 minute - you can do it, to be the best !

Percentages Calculator
Calculating percentages online

singular to plural noun converter
You can convert any word in your language from singular to plurar and from plural to singular.

Learning foreign languages for free
Program to learn any foreign language, the program operates on the principle of the test.

Free dictionary of foreing languages
Dictionary allows you to translate words into different languages.

Comparing words in different languages
The program searches for all the languages in which the word occurs and compares its translations, synonyms, etc.

Rhyme search
Search rhymes or words of similar completion in many languages.

Synonym Finder
The program searches for synonyms in several foreign languages.

1000 most popular words.
Science of thousand most common words used in certain language. A languages of choice are English, German, Polish, Russian and others.

Detection of foreign languages.
Program detects in which language the text has been written.




Polish language


Search engines


Cooking and Health