Proovige midagi uut.

Proovige midagi uut.

Math tests online

Many kinds educational tests with worksheets. 


Math education for children - Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Multiplication Tables 

Master of Multiplication Table

36 questions in 1 minute - you can do it, to be the best ! 

Percentages Calculator

Calculating percentages online 

Finger multiplication

Learn multiplication tables by 1 finger! 


Pyramyd multipliation tables speed test. 

Learning addition

Learning addition online 

Learning subtraction

Learning subtraction online 

Learning Multiplication Table

Learning multiplication online 

Learning division

Learning division online 

Geometric figures

Area, Volume of geometric figures 

Math quiz

Math quizes and problems 

Fractions online

Calculate fractions online 

Multiplication tables printable

Pringable versions of multiplication tables
Science and Education 

singular to plural noun converter

You can convert any word in your language from singular to plurar and from plural to singular. 

Learning foreign languages for free

Program to learn any foreign language, the program operates on the principle of the test. 

Free dictionary of foreing languages

Dictionary allows you to translate words into different languages. 

Comparing words in different languages

The program searches for all the languages in which the word occurs and compares its translations, synonyms, etc. 

Rhyme search

Search rhymes or words of similar completion in many languages. 

Synonym Finder

The program searches for synonyms in several foreign languages. 

1000 most popular words.

Science of thousand most common words used in certain language. A languages of choice are English, German, Polish, Russian and others. 

Detection of foreign languages.

Program detects in which language the text has been written. 

Learning geography online

You can learn countries, continents, regions on the map.
What to do when there is no place?

Optical illusion

Please see this video: :-)

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Aztekium Bot

Declination in polish

Variety by cases in polish language online 

Declination in russian

Variety by cases in russian language online 

Declination in czech

Variety by cases in czech language online 

Declination in slovak

Variety by cases in slovak language online 

Declination in croatian

Variety by cases in croatian language online 

Declination in slovenian

Variety by cases in slovenian language online 

Declination in serbian

Variety by cases in serbian language online 

Declination in latvian

Variety by cases in latvian language online 

Declination in finnish

Variety by cases in finnish language online 

Declination in arabian

Variety by cases in arabic language online 

Declination in germany

Variety by cases in german language online 

Declination in lower sorbian (Lausitz)

Variety by cases in lower sorbian language online 

Declination in upper sorbian (Lausitz)

Variety by cases in upper sorbian language online 

Declination in Ukrainian

Variety by cases in Ukrainian language online 

Declination in Turkish

Variety by cases in Turkish language online 

Declination in Hungarian

Variety by cases in Hungarian language online
Search engines
Polish language

Price comparison

Search for the low prices of goods (price comparison) 

Company search engine

Search engine of companies and institutions 

Jobs search engine

Job search in Poland 

Search jobs in USA

Search for work in the United States 

Adding a site to the directory

Add your site to free web directory (free web directory) 

Add your own language online store

Adding the store to a goods search (add your store to search the shops for free!) 

Add your company

Adding photos to your search engine companies (add your company to search engine of companies free of charge!) 

Address search engine

Address search 

Searching schools and kindergartens

Search for schools and kindergartens
Cooking and Health