Date of publication: 2018.01.14

Educational programs just for you

Free educational websitiesOur service was created in order to help you with your education. Especially with mathematics and foreign languages. We know how hard it can be. This is why we decided to provide you with an interesting set of educational programs. Thanks to this you will be able to learn both foreign Languages and mathematics. What else do you really need? If you want to learn, then visit the site You are going to find here a list of educational programs which you can use. These are:

- Synonyms
- Learning of  words in different languages
- Learning of the multiplication table
- Learning of foreign languages
- Aztekium intelligent bot
- Measurement units converter
- Polish verbs
- An educational program for learning of various languages
- Singular and plural form
- Percentages
- Searching for rhymes

As you can see, our site and various programs were created in order to provide you with the most important tools in education of both mathematics and foreign languages. We strongly believe, that thanks to this, your education will be even better than before. To name just, a few of our educational programs:

1. Aztekium bot - The bot with an AI which is able to recognize the language you are currently using and respond accordingly to your messages. Thanks to this you can talk with the BOT and learn the language.

2. Rhymes searching tool - Finding rhymes in the foreign language is one of the hardest task to do. This is why we created this program. Just type the word and the program is going to provide you with most important rhymes.

3. Units converter -The program as the name suggest is used to convert various units. For example if you want to know how much is 150 LBS in KG then thanks to the unit converter you are going to easily check this.

4. Grammatical cases -The first thing you have to do is to choose the language (one from all Slavic languages which use grammatical cases)  and then type the word. For example "house". Then you will be provided with all grammatical cases for a target word. 


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