Date of publication: 2018.01.14

Declensions in other languages

The nightmare of all Englishmen learning foreign languages - grammatical cases

The main problem for people from England or United States in learning such languages like Polish, Czech or German are grammatical cases. Polish cases are used to determine a noun's place in the sentence. In German, this affects articles, and some possessive pronouns, but in Polish it actually changes a noun's suffix. This is why the Polish language is actually considered as one of the hardest to learn. Especially for native, English speakers. Just look at this, here are the basics of the cases:

Nominative: Subject of the sentence, does not affect the noun.
Accusative: Direct object of the sentence.
Dative: Indirect object of the sentence.
Genitive: Used to demonstrate possession, and used during negation.
Instrumental: Shows that the object is acted upon "with" or "by means of" this.
Locative: Shows direction.
Vocative: Used when directly addressing someone.

The problem is that in English language such cases do not exist. Hence, people who are native English speakers have huge problem with Polish and German language. This is why we decided to create the site It is an easy guide for any person who wishes to learn languages which have grammatical cases.

The site is easy to use and intuitive. Thus you can immediately jump to learning the grammatical cases in various languages. To provide you with a short tutorial though. The first thing you have to do is to choose the language (one from all Slavic languages which use grammatical cases)  and then type the word. For example "house". Then you will be provided with all grammatical cases for a target word. In German that will be:

- nominativ (das/die): der Dom
- genitiv (des/der): des Domes
- dativ (dem/den): dem Dom
- akkusativ (das/die): den Dom

Seems hard, don't you think? Still we think that you can handle this.


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