Learn Multiplication Tables Online

Date of publication: 2018.09.30

Learn Multiplication Tables Online

Your life is going to be much easier, if you just remember the multiplication table.
Thus...train your memory! We are going to show you a few handy and practical techniques, thanks to which multiplication of numbers is going be pleasant.

To be honest, the proper education is starting with the adventure with multiplication table. Arithmetic calculations based on  factor and product, are problematic for many children. However, after they are able to understand specific schemes, the whole mathematic is opened for them. In other words it is a window on the world, so to speak thanks to which each now step in education, is easer - especially in the context of general science.

The best way to start the education is to show the simple example of an apple. Three people got four apples. How much apples it was in total?


Multiplication Tables Online

In order to fully release the child potential, you have to introduce him step by step in more and more demanding tasks, in order to make this form of education, his interest. Then you might sleep well and the child is going to search for education connected with multiplication table by himself. Furthermore it is going to give him satisfaction and joy.

An example of this might be a moving from "phase of items" to "cutting the lines", based on which the child will start to understand the multiplication table.

Multiplication table1 online

Luckily, there are a few easy methods in the form of a game, thanks to which our youngest ones will be able to memorize with smile, the moment in which they had to deal with the curse called multiplication table online.

Multiplication difficulty levels

We showing difficulty levels:

Green - very easy

Blue - Medium

Red - Very difficult


Version For smal children:


Methods and tricks which make education process easier

1. For first game we need only hands and a few speels for example "Abra kadabra, hocus-pocus - nine multiply". The method is piece of cake - it is connected with multiplying 9.  

Example 1: 5x9 = ???
First you have to rise your both hands. Then, stating from the left side you have to count your fingers up to 5. In this case it is the thumb of the left hand. Then you have to bend it. Thanks to this, you have on your left hand the number of tens - 4. On the right hand you have the number of one - Five in this case - 5. Then we combine both numbers.
5x9 = 45.    


Example 2: 2x9 =???
Here, the second finger in the left hand is the ring finger - remember that the method works only if inner sides of your both hands are direct down - you have to see your fingernails. Now you have to bend your finger and you get 1. Then we have to count fingers which are left - the ones which are after the bend finger. It is 8, right? We write down both numbers next to each other and we get the result.
2x9 = 18.


2. The second method is as pleasant as the first one. You only need a dice. In order to make the game even funnier, you can create the dice by yourself by use of the bristol and the spots you can paint with various colors in order to make the examples, easier. In the first step you have to give each player - then can be a few of them, the paper sheet with various operations. Each member should put the operations from one to ten in a column:


And so long and so forth up to 10. You should have 10 operations.  Remember, that players have to write down their name on the top of the paper. Then each player is throwing the dice and then the number of spots is put under the next operation.

Example 1: The player throw four. Thus under the first operation, he puts the number of spots:


Then he counts the result.



The number of turns equals to number of operations - 10. Just take a look what might happend in 9th turn.


Example 2: The player throws 6. Then he puts it under the 9th operation. 


The result equals - 54.

After the last player, the results are added to each other. The person with the highest score, wins. It is a great fun, thanks to which you are able to memorize, how does the multiplication table works up to 100.


3. For the next game - for a small artists which like the handmade work. You are going to need as big amount of colorful material as possible, drawing pins and cutout. You have to attach the material to the wall - in visible spot. Then you have to cutout numbers in various shapes and colors. For example: Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange.

And so long and so forth - use your favourite colors and use the rule of the first association. Then you have to attach with the drawing pins in the form of operations and then calculate the results. You have to attach them to. Looking on these operations and associating them with various colors is not only a wonderful game. It is also an interesting and creative way for memorizing the multiplication table.

Tip 1: Order is not important
When we multiply two numbers it is not important which one is the first and which one is the second. The answer is always the same..

Example: 3 × 5 = 15, i 5 × 3 = 15
The other example: 2 × 9 = 18 i 9 × 2 = 18
In fact, a half of the table is the mirror  reflection of the second half.
You don't have to remember that "3 × 5" i "5 × 3" you just have to remember that  "3 a 5 to 15".
It is extremely important!

Tip 2: Learn the multiplication table in parts

It is hard to remember whole multiplication table at the same time. Thus you should learn it in parts.


learn multiplication tables

A  Start from learning 5x5
B  Then learn 9 to 5
C Is the same as B, only other way round. Worth to learn.
D Finally, learn the fragment from "6 × 6 to 9 × 9"

Then make everything together, training the whole "system of the multiplication table"

A few schemes

There are schemes, which will help you in remembering the multiplication table:
2 × is just multiplying the number by itself, once. It is just like adding two same numbers
2 × 2 = 4, 2 × 3 = 6, 2 × 4 = 8, etc.

Thus the scheme is 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20
(When you will remember that you will know for example how much is 3 × 2, 4 × 2, 5 × 2, right?)
5 × has a following formula r: 5, 10, 15, 20, itd. It ends with 0 or 5

9 × has a formula: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90
For example:  in order to multiply 9 by 8: hide your eight finger and then you can count "7" and "2"... the answer is 72.
10 × is the easiest one, zero is always at the end 0.
10 × 2 = 20, 10 × 3 = 30, 10 × 4 = 40, etc.


The hardest tasks

It seems that the hardest ones are 6 × 7 = 42, 6 × 8 = 48 i 7 × 8 = 56. Very often we tend to repeat "six sevens equals fourty two ", "six eights equals fourty eight".


What about duodecimal multiplication system?

It might sound hard but after learning system of 10 ×, you need only a few steps
First of all, 11 × is usually easy: from 11 × 2 to 11 × 9 you have to add two numbers to each other. 11 × 2 = 22, 11 x 3 = 33, ..., 11 x 9 = 99.
Then obviously, 2 ×, 5 × i 10 × you just have to follow their  simple rules, which you already know. Thus let us show you the rest of them:
3 x 12 = 36,
4 × 12 = 48,
6 × 12 = 72,
7 x 12 = 84,
8 x 12 = 96,
9 × 12 = 108

And „Big three”
11 x 11 = 121,
11 × 12 = 132 i
12 × 12 = 144



A few tips for adults

It is important to not to push child to much. He does not need to constantly spend time with multiplication table.
A typical swotting is not going to give much. Furthermore, a typical memorizing way of learning is going to be problematic in the future. In the moment of stress the child my forget the most basic operations and results, which might end with bad score during the test.

There are many forms of playing, thus it is worth to focus on your own creativity. After all, sitting and repeating is dull for both child and parent. If we do not have time, or even worse patience, we can always use the virtual world - to some extent. Online we can find many programs and sites which offers a nice combination of pleasant and useful. Learning multiplication in form of a game, is developing the imagination and creativity of a child. It might be also the first step towards IT, which is connected with mathematics.

An example might be a site http://Aztekium.pl/Multiplication,  which in an interesting way shows how pleasant can the learning of the multiplication table might be. The site has a ranking in which children might compete with themselves and increase their arithmetic knowledge.
What about time trial multiplication table?
For people who like to deal with their own weaknesses there is a special test called Master of Multiplication Table. Such type of playing together with developing the knowledge is going to bring expected effects.
In polish schools, one of the main problems is lack of individual approach. It is especially important in the earlier phase of education. A lack of attention my change the approach of the child to the education in a negative way, furthermore they might influence badly the mentality of the child and change the education into a sad duty.


Multiplication table for printing

We created for you a few formulas of the multiplication table which you can download and print. Here they are:

multiplication tables printable free


multiplication tables printable pdf



Multiplication Tables - 12x 






Learn multiplication tables online:

Our programs - you can learn for free:

http://Aztekium.pl/Multiplication   - for learning multiplication tables online

http://Aztekium.pl/Master               - multiplication tables speed test

More education programs and games, you can find at:


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