Materials for home learning

Date of publication: 2020.03.18

Materials for home learning

The current situation with the virus pandemic, which resulted in closing of schools in various countries, had shown more than ever, how important it is, to learn at home. After all, it is possible to gain knowledge not only in school but also at home. Hence, we encourage you to utilize learning materials which we prepared for this occasion. Especially now, during the quarantine when your children are not attending school classes anyway. After all, you probably don't want your child to lack knowledge. On our website, you are going to find a lot of different learning courses, which are going to help you or your children, learn when you have the free time.

On our website you'll find many interesting programs and learning courses which are prepared by team of experts, in order to allow you to gain knowledge in a relatively easy and enjoyable way. you will find here numerous tests, converters, quizzes, dictionaries and other interesting, helpful things. Everything here is free, without hidden fees, registration, sharing your data. Hence, you don't have to worry that suddenly you are going to be forced to pay for the course. Our main aim is to simply, provide you and your children with all the necessary help. Hence, we offer you courses in following topics:


Here you can find math tests, programs for learning multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and calculation of percentages. Also a unit converter that lets you convert various types of units of measure, weight, speed, quantity, volume, area and much more.

Furthermore on our website you are going to find colorful quizzes and tests, thanks to which learning is much more enjoyable.
You can find it at

Foreign languages

Here you are going to find following programs: foreign language dictionaries, language detection programs, language learning programs.


Polish language

Here you're going to find a program that allows declension of any words, the program to learn spelling, the infinitive past, present and future tenses, the conversion of the singular form into the plural form and vice versa. Program to search for synonyms, rhymes, etc.

Other subjects


We provide you with learning materials for other subjects as well, as with other additional help. Like programs and interactive quizzes which for example, might help you learn basics of geography etc. We even have the PDF to Word converter. If you are looking for a specific material, just use our search engine.

We invite you to learn!

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