Online Chatbot

Date of publication: 2018.01.14

Online Chatbot

Aztekium Bot (or AZBot) - polish internet bot (Chatbot), which on a basis of casual conversation with the user, helps him in many activities. In contrast to similar chatbots, it does not pretend to be a human, but rather help him in getting information, entertainment and science.

Aztekium Bot work is exclusively based on webpage. In contrast to other web search engines, main assumption of AZBot is delivery of not just a list of information to choose for user - but giving a one, concrete, expected information by user. Communication interface with bot is text based. Software was written in Python programming language.

Learning a language is not an easy task. Especially due to the fact that books by themselves can only teach you various rules etc. however they are not going to provide you with typical, conversation. You are going to know grammar, speech forms etc. but you are not going to learn from books how to talk with people.

We know how problematic it might be, especially with harder languages like for example, polish language. Which is rater specific in speech. An interesting note who plan to learn polish, or any type of Slavic language. In their case speech and writing language are completely different. Which makes it for foreign speakers even harder to learn such language.

This is why, Aztekium has come to help you with the hard process of learning. How, you might ask? With very intelligent Aztekium bot. This, nice guy had come here in order to help you with your learning process. How you might access the bot? It is really easy. Just type in your browser the address:

Good job. Since you are here, now you can take your time and learn the language together with our little, friendly bot. Press the message and the AI will allow the bot to respond correctly to your texts. The best thing about this though is the fact, that the bot was created in a way in which it is going to respond with way of speeches which are used in the language in the everyday conversation. What does it mean basically? Well, it is easy. You are going to learn the most important aspects of the target language.

Well what else we can say? We know that learning foreign language is a very hard task. On the other hand it is also very rewarding. Not only because it might  increase our payment in various types of jobs. Not at all. Far more important is the knowledge that we can visit other countries and talk with people in their language.  

Let's come back for a moment to our little Aztekium bot, though. He is waiting for you to talk. Trust us. The bot was created in a proper way which allows you to talk with bot in various languages like:

- English
- Polish
- German
- French

Have fun with that.

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