Pdf to Word converter

Date of publication: 2018.04.25

Pdf to Word converter

The Portable Document Format

PDF (The Portable Document Format) is a file format developed in the 1990s to present documents, including text formatting and images, in a manner independent of application hardware, software, and operating systems. Based on PostScript language, each PDF file encapsulates a complete description of a flat, fixed-layout document, including the text, fonts, vector graphics, raster images and other information needed to display it. PDF was standardized as an open format, ISO 32000, in 2008, and does not require any royalties for its implementation.

Today, PDF files may contain a variety of content besides flat text and graphics including logical structuring elements, interactive elements such as annotations and form-fields, layers, rich media (including video content) and three dimensional objects using U3D or PRC, and various other data formats.[citation needed] The PDF specification also provides for encryption and digital signatures, file attachments and metadata to enable workflows requiring these features.

In general, the PDF files are very helpful, however sometimes the user will need to make changes in them. In such situations, the user can convert them into Word files. Images however can not be changed, they will need to be restored afterwards.


The converting of PDF files to Word Document files

Converting is important for many people, who have many different reasons for that. The conversion is possible, so let us see how it can be done. The PDF are files in Portable Document Format. These are documents created by Adobe Systems, Inc., which utilize the Postscript printer portrayal dialect and are thus very useful and convenient for the machine stages. The PDF archives end up with a .pdf document augmentation.

The word documents are generated from Microsoft Word. That is why, the PDF file conversion into a Word file can be quite difficult for many people. However, the experts have found a way to make the process simpler. One of the best and easiest ways to do so is by using Adobe Acrobat.


Converting by Adobe Programs

The Adobe Acrobat is a group of web administrations and user programming that has been created by Adobe Systems. The aim was to make, view, print and control documents in Portable Document Format. When the software is downloaded by the user, he has to click on file and then open the document that has to be converted. Then, the user should clock on File again and search for the ‘save as other’ option, which will open several choices – save as Microsoft Word, save as Speradsheet, save as Image, etc. There is also another option – to clock on File and then on Export, then to select ‘Word document’. When the new window opens, the user has to give a new name to the document and press the button ‘Save’. At the end of the operation, the user will be asked to sign a license agreement and after that, the transition will be done. The time required for the transition to happen depends on the size of the PDF file.

The user should choose the file and then press the option for conversion which comes in the form of a button. By clicking there, the user will start the converting. Some of the software programs will offer the converted file immediately, while other programs will ask for an Email address in order to send the converted file there. The users who want to document to be public and do not mind sharing it on other forums, should use this option offered by the software program.


Another ways for converting PDF files

Users can try another way for converting PDF file into Word file and this is by using a great variety of online software. Some of the possible web pages to do the conversion include convertonlinefree.com, pdftoword.com, and pdfonline.com. The software available on these pages can be used immediately, since the user does not need to download the software. On the websites are provided all the necessary instructions as well, so that the user can perform the requested conversion. So, what shall the user do?

The final choice for PDF to Word conversion offered here is given by the Free Converter programs. They are available for free download on the user’s computer. The user should first look for a free and secure program, then check if the system obliges him to provide money or to offer personal information. When the download is finished and the program is installed, the user should select the document and start the conversion process. How is this done? The user should browse the document, select it, then press the ‘convert’ button and then get the new, converted file. Some of these programs allow the users to convert only part of the text, the user just have to type the number of the pages that need that conversion. Naturally, the new file should then be saved.


Free online converter

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