Search Engine Optimization Simplified!

Date of publication: 2019.11.19

Search Engine Optimization Simplified!

In this article, we are going to provide you some interesting information about SEO that will help you in understanding it better. So let us started with this subject and learn some interesting information regarding it.

Learn SEO Fundamentals!

If you have kept yourself away from SEO thinking that it is difficult to understand, then you need to reconsider your decision because SEO is one of the simplest thing to understand! Here are some of the FAQs, which will help you in getting started with it.

What is it?

It is a short form of Search Engine Optimization, which simply means, methods involved in ranking a website on the top page of search engines, in order to drive targeted traffic to it. 

How is it done?

To begin things, first you need to do a proper research and find out the keywords, which are related to your website, are searched fairly well and do not have much competition and then try to promote them online thorough process of link building. Its easy to research keywords with help of free online tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool. 

What is link building and backlink?

Any link pointing towards a website, which has its url in it is called a backlink. The process of acquiring such links is called link building. 

How is link building done?

There are many ways of doing link building. The popular ones are:

a) article marketing, where you write an article, put your website link in it and then publish it on other websites.

b) acquiring links by writing forum posts and blog comments.

c) Acquiring links by video marketing, where you make a video, mention the url of your website in the description and then submit it to popular video streaming websites.

d) acquiring links by social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

e) Submitting your website listing in different directories.

How to rank my website on first page of Google?

No one knows the mantra for it. However, in a long run, quality of a website pays rich dividends. So, work hard on your website's development and maintenance, promote it through above methods and be patient with the results and sooner or later, you will see your site standing tall among its counterparts and turning out to be a winner in the race.

How do Google allot rankings to websites?

“Can I get found my site on the first page of Google?” This is generally the first question we get asked by almost everyone, who contacts us. Now if you want to be found on the first page of Google, the first question is, well ‘what you want to get found for?’ What I mean by that is, let’s say you are a plumber in Perth. Now the trouble with it is that being found on the first page of Google just by typing the word ‘plumber’ is not only unrealistic, it’s going be difficult to do and it’s not going to help you too much!  If you are plumber in Perth and you do actually go into trouble so that after doing all you hard work, you actually  get found on the first page of Google just using the word plumber,  then probably means you can attract people from Sydney and Melbourne  and just about everywhere, as well as  being from Perth! 

Ranking your site on Google

Wouldn't it be great if you are able to rank your site on the first page of Google for empire777 Kasino, online casino, best casinos and other keywords of your choice? Yes, for sure! Everyone wants that their site receive targeted traffic and Google is one of the most significant search engines, by which one can attain this target. If your site is ranked well for the keywords, which are searched often, then it will ensure that your site will get lots of visitors every single day from Google and the best part is that all this would be for free! 

Well, people often think that if they can crack Google, then they would be able to rank any keyword    at the top of its search results. This however, is easier said than done! Google algorithm is ever changing and sometimes it changes more than a couple of time in a single day! So, there is no point in trying to crack something as fluid as Google! A better way to give your site a chance to rank well on Google will be to work hard on it and to respect Google's webmaster guidelines. 

Here is a quick look at what Google expects from webmasters: 

1. Keep your website simple and easy to navigate for the visitor. 
2. Websites must be useful for the visitor and should have something purposeful to be provided to them. It should not look merely like a sales page. 
3. Websites speed should be decent. It should not take too much time in loading. This distracts visitors as well. 
4. Websites should have keywords, which you expect to get ranked well in Google. However, they should not be overused. 
5. Websites should have quality content. It should be informative and purposeful. 
6. Websites should be properly maintained and regularly updated. 
7. Websites should not try to spam in any way. They should not try to purchase links or allow anyone to buy links from them. 

Google's guidelines for the webmasters

Google's guidelines for the webmasters are quite simple to understand. Although there are hundreds of points in it, but the essence remains simple. Google's fundamental is loud and clear. It wants to serve its user and this can only be done by providing the most suitable search results. The user should get the most relevant results for the keywords for which he has searched. This can only be done if Google's search algorithm is honest and this is all Google expects from its webmasters – honesty! This is what will help you in getting raked well in Google in a long run.

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