Tips for selecting a suitable domain for your business

Date of publication: 2019.11.19

Tips for selecting a suitable domain for your business

Contradictory to Shakespeare’s saying, the ‘name’ is a very important part of any business. It is not only a way to give a good first impression to your client, but it also reflects the overall vision of your business. In online world, the business name is similar to the name of your website and therefore, selecting the right domain is very important for you and your business.

Now that we know the importance of a domain, next thing is to determine the right domain for your business. This would depend on the nature of your business. If you already have a well established business and am planning to the take it online, then the best thing to do is to select the name of your company as the domain name for your website.

For example, if the name of your company is ABCXYX, then try to register domain for your business. If however, that domain is not available for any reason, then try to alter it a bit by adding something like,, or anything similar. If you are very particular about the name and would only like to have, then try to find a broker who can contact the owner of that domain and help you in acquiring it at best price.

On the other hand, if you are setting up a new business and have not finalized any domain, then it would be better to select a domain, which suits the kind of business that you are about to commerce. Generally, it’s good to select a short domain and something which is easy to pronounce and remember. If however, you think that a long domain (two words or more) would be better to express your business, then do not hesitate to register it.

Sometimes, a domain name might not mean anything but just appeal to you and might suit to your business. This mostly happens in case of businesses related to fashion, clothing or similar. In this case too, if you are confident about the name of the domain, then go for it. Just make sure that you get it with a .com or at least with TLDs like .net or .org. A .com domain stands better chance in rankings, when it comes to search engine optimization and therefore, try to select a domain with this extension.

Another tip that you should use while registering a domain, especially in case of a brand new registration is that if you get a domain directly, then it would cost you around $ 10 per year, but if you try to buy them through a broker, then the price can go anywhere from $ 100 to $ 10,000 and even more. So, if you can trouble yourself a bit and use sites like godaddy or namecheap to register the domains by yourself, then you can save yourself lots of money. You can use all these tips as per your own judgment. Select the ones, which you find handy and leave the others!


How a right domain can do wonders to your website's overall SEO ? 

Fundamentals of SEO are no different from the principles of general marketing. One of the primary things, which needs to be done to start a new business is to find a good name for it. For online mode, the name of the business is similar to the name of its website. Therefore, it is important that your site has a good domain name, which is not only appealing, but also has SEO value. 

You should name your website in such a way, that by merely looking at the domain name, people can get an idea about what it is all about. If you can make it look appealing as well, then that’s going to be another plus point for your business. To sum up, here are the points, which you should consider while selecting a domain name for your site: 

1. Try to find a domain name, which is short, easy to remember and is pronounceable. This kind of domains have a better SEO value as compared to long and difficult to remember domains. For example, if your site sells ebooks, then is a good domain for such a site. Its short, easy to remember and looks trendy as well. 

2. Try to set up your site on a .com domain. Commercial sites are meant to have a .com extension. Even if your site is non commercial, try to grab a .com domain as its the most popular extension among all. It’s better to buy all the top level domains for the domain name, which you have bought.

3.  Godaddy provides discount codes, especially for new .com registrations and you can get a .com domain for as low as $ 1 for the first year. On the other hand, Namecheap provides free one year whois guard with every registration, by using which you can protect your domain registration contact details from being viewed online by any other person.

4. Try to include keywords related to your website's niche in your domain. For example, for an ebook store, try to include keywords like ebooks, estore, buyebooks etc in the domain. This will help you in getting better SEO results. A good example for a keyword rich casino domain is

5. For a complete commercial site, it is a good idea to find a domain which has exact search result matches. You can research on Google Adwords keyword tool to find you the keyword phrases that are searched in you niche and if you find a good keyword phase that is available as a domain name, then it will help a lot in getting your site ranked well on search engines for that particular keyword phrase. 

These are some of the points, which you should consider before you buy a domain name for your business. A suitable domain name, selected after referring to above points will definitely help you to set up a platform, from where your online business can take a smooth take off! So, it’s definitely worth spending ample time in selecting the right domain for your website so that you can work on its strong foundation and finally set up a successful business!

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