mathematics test for grade 3

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Mathematics and quizzes

Students' mathematical imagination excellently stimulates all kinds of fun. Mathematics and quizzes are an effective and effective form of learning that gives joy to the child and at the same time provides him with mathematical knowledge. Usually, learning mathematical rules causes many difficulties for students. It requires repetition and preservation, but nothing makes her more than fun. Children have the greatest potential to learn. They are also interesting in the world, so solving riddles or puzzles gives them enormous pleasure. Learning mathematics through play is therefore an ideal opportunity to learn accounting skills, which is the key to the development of abilities and complicated mathematical activities. This kind of science stimulates geometric imagination, teaches strategy selection, and at the same time shapes logical thinking.


The advantages of mathematical games

Each riddle or mathematical quiz mobilizes to undertake an intellectual effort. These types of games play a very important role in the development of our child. In particular, they provide a compendium of knowledge in various fields of mathematics, including bills and logic. In addition, they improve the efficiency of counting, classifying, organizing, determining and evaluating results. Thanks to them, children acquire many mathematical skills, develop concentration and perceptiveness, while learning to work according to specific rules and rules.

Learning should be a creative and enjoyable way for a child to spend time. Mathematical puzzles and quizzes make even the most difficult mathematical problems easily assimilated by a young person.

Thus they arouse interest, thanks to which the child begins to like learning. The atmosphere of continuous repetition and presentation of theoretical principles of mathematics can alienate or even bored a child to learn about them. Solving tasks in a notebook is not always an interesting activity. Taking action with elements of science that increase interest and stimulate the child's imagination are definitely a more effective form of learning. Solving mathematical puzzles and quizzes is conducive to acquiring new skills, improving those acquired, as well as deepening your knowledge. The level of mathematical competence is of great importance in adulthood. It can significantly influence your professional success.


An example page that uses this type of science is Examples presented there not only teach mathematics, but also logical thinking.

A site on which everyone can post various types of mathematical puzzles. Simple navigation (arrows to the right and left) allows you to quickly move between the questions. You can comment on each photo by giving your idea or justification.

An example of the task from the above page is presented below. In the picture we have a pyramid with a square base. Below you can see eight different views of the pyramid from above. The task is to determine which view is the view of the pyramid presented.

The student must analyze the order of colors forming the edges of the figure. It must also take into account possible rotation of the entire figure to the right or left. Another example of the task presented on this page can be an example with tanks. It is known that the tank's wheels are entwined with a caterpillar. So they all spin in sync.

With this knowledge, the student must analyze all wheel layouts and which one corresponds to the last shown in the figure.

Mathematics should be treated in terms of a useful tool. Mathematical puzzles and quizzes make mathematics even more attractive. As the results of psychological research show, children during the play free themselves from negative emotions or emotional tensions. Mathematical puzzles, especially those solved with siblings or friends, lead to activity and logical thinking, even those withdrawn children.

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