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A macrocell is a cell in a mobile phone network that provides radio coverage served by a high power cellular base station (tower). Generally, macrocells provide coverage larger than microcell. The antennae for macrocells are mounted on ground-based masts, rooftops and other existing structures, at a height that provides a clear view over the surrounding buildings and terrain. Macrocell base stations have power outputs of typically tens of watts.

Macrocell has more meanings:
  • Macrocell - cell in a mobile phone network
  • Macrocell (logic)

    A macrocell array is an approach to the design and manufacture of ASICs. Essentially, it is a small step up from the otherwise similar gate array, but rather than being a prefabricated array of simple logic gates, the macrocell array is a prefabricated array of higher-level logic functions such as flip-flops, ALU functions, registers, and the like. These logic functions are simply placed at regular predefined positions and manufactured on a wafer, usually called master slice. Creation of a circuit with a specified function is accomplished by adding metal interconnects to the chips on the master slice late in the manufacturing process, allowing the function of the chip to be customised as desired.


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