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tendu (English)


Tendu means "stretched" or "pulled" in French. It also may refer to:
  • Tendu, Indre, a commune in France
  • '' Tendu'', local name of the tree '' Diospyros melanoxylon'' (East Indian Ebony)
  • '' battement tendu'', a dance or ballet movement
  • Tendu, climbing technique

    Coromandel Ebony or East Indian Ebony (''Diospyros melanoxylon'') is a species of flowering tree in the family '' Ebenaceae'' that is native to India and Sri Lanka and that has a hard, dry bark. Its common name derives from Coromandel, the coast of southeastern India. Locally it is known as ''temburini'' or by its Hindi name ''tendu''. In Odisha and Jharkhand it is known as ''kendu''. The leaves can be wrapped around tobacco to create the Indian '' beedi'', which has outsold conventional cigarettes in India.


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